Man on an ATV with helmet

ATV Insurance Coverage

ATV is the abbreviation for All-Terrain Vehicle, which is a perfect name for anything that falls inside the ATV category. And that category is quite extensive! Off road 4-wheelers and 3-wheelers, Gators, Utility Quads, Sportsman ATVs, Polaris-Style UTVs, Outlander-Style 6-wheelers, Dune Buggies, traditional golf carts, utility-converted golf carts, desert roadsters, or amphibious UTVs, among many other multi-terrain vehicles, can all fall into the realm of ATVs. But regardless of exactly what kind of ATV you drive, Handley Insurance Agency can help you keep yourself, your property, and your people safe and sound, for many more weekends to come!

So now that we know what vehicles might possibly exist in the ATV universe, and might need ATV insurance, the next step would be to explore not just what an ATV is, but WHY someone might need ATV insurance. If you are riding on property that you do not own, you would not be protected under any other types of coverage, and therefore, you would need ATV Insurance Coverage. If you are hauling your ATV by way of truck or trailer, you might not necessarily need ATV coverage until you have your vehicle unloaded and ready to roll. But from the time you crank and rev, you need protection.

Here are some ways you could potentially obtain ATV Insurance Coverage: (including but not limited to the following)

  • Off-Road Injury Coverage
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Alternate Driver Incident Protection
  • Other People’s Property (OPP)
  • Other Motorist Protection

Some folks choose to separate their ATV insurance from a homeowner’s umbrella so they don’t run the risk of having a homeowner’s deductible for an ATV incident. Whatever your reasons for needing ATV insurance, Handley can help you find coverage, at the lowest rates, and have you back out on the trail, the river, the dunes, or wherever you want to go have the crazy ATV fun you want to have! Call Handley today, and never worry about ATV accidents again!