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RV Insurance

When you hear someone talking about Recreational Vehicles, what comes to mind? Do you visualize an actual RV, or what some people call a Motorhome? Or do you picture something along the lines of an ATV, 4-wheeler, or one of those Amphibious 6-Wheelers, like the ones manufactured by Polaris and Argo. Some people might even picture a dune buggy. I’m sure that country music legend Alan Jackson might think of his old car boat, a converted classic Cadillac that could seamlessly function as a boat, allowing him to drive in and out of a lake with no hesitation.

Most definitions of a Recreational Vehicle lend more towards the Motor Home, Motor Vehicle, Caravan, or Camper Van variety. These are loosely termed as any type of motorized vehicle, with a converted trailer, that is furnished with some sort of living space. Occasionally these will be fitted out with various types of amenities, including bathrooms or kitchens, and some type of sleeping quarters.

At Handley, we don’t get all hung up on definitions, or categories. Whatever it is that YOU call a recreational vehicle, Handley Insurance can help get and keep you protected. If you are desirous to insure your ATV type vehicle, we can help with that! Anything that would fall in the category of recreational vehicle has different insurance parameters, and different insurance needs. As independent insurance agents, we don’t owe allegiance to any particular company. Our allegiances lay with two primary entities: the Great US of A, and our customers. We work diligently to pass the expertise from countless hours of pouring through company after company, searching for the best coverage available, at the best rates. And we gladly pass that expertise, coverage, and savings on to you! Call us today and get started on protecting your investment!