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Do you need Commercial Auto Insurance? How do you know if you need it? Commercial Auto Insurance can be tricky to navigate. For instance, any of these scenarios would warrant Commercial Auto Coverage: (our policies may include, but not be limited to these scenarios)

Travel Auto

  • Vehicles that are owned and/or leased by a business, corporation, or partnership
  • Vehicles used for limousine, taxi, or similar services
  • Vehicles used for the pickup or delivery of goods, such as newspapers, food, furniture, or any other goods
  • Vehicles leased or rented to other people, for commercial or personal use
  • Personal vehicles that are driven by someone not listed on your personal auto insurance on a regular basis
  • Personal vehicles that have been titled to a business as a DBA (Doing Business As)

At Handley Insurance, we take the time to really get to know the ins and outs of what you do, and how you do what you do. That means we have the insight to save you from a potentially damaging situation with uninsured Commercial Auto situations. It’s what we do! We’re here for you!

Most Auto Insurance Agencies are interested in gaining your business so they can improve their bottom line, regardless of what might actually help you and your business. But at Handley, our professionals take pride in being part of an Independent Insurance Agency. That means that we aren’t simply looking out for the interests of one company, we’re looking out for your interests! We go to great lengths to see what combination or rates will best fit what you need for full, accurate coverage, and what rates are at the best price!

If you are reading here, but you know you’re looking for Tractor Trailer, Industrial Vehicle, Car Dealership, or Service Professional Insurance, or you need any kind of Commercial Auto Insurance that isn’t listed, feel free to check out any of the great info on our site. Or as always, just give Handley Insurance a call! We’d love to talk to you, and help you gain peace of mind!

The best coverage, at the best price, with the best service you could get anywhere in Metro Atlanta. That’s the Handley way. We don’t just want to be your Commercial Auto Insurance provider, we want to be your Insurance Agency for life!