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Builders Insurance

Are you a general contractor? Are you more of a hobby builder? Are you currently building a single house? Are you doing a renovation on the inside or outside of an already-built home? Are you the primary contractor for a subdivision of properties? Are you building commercial properties, such as skyscrapers, strip-malls, or medical facilities? Then you need Builders’ Risk Insurance.

“Builders’ Risk” is a unique style of business insurance. It covers a wide variety of things that might not be covered under normal Professional Liability or Workers’ Compensation insurance. It can be structured to work in tandem with those types of insurance, but lends itself more towards protecting both the building that is being constructed, and the materials, equipment, appliances, or anything else that is being utilized to build whatever it is you are trying to build.

Handley Insurance can find coverage for you in nearly every facet of Builders’ Risk Insurance. Here are some of the most popular coverages:

  • Building materials
  • Foundations & scaffolding
  • Paving & fencing
  • Lawns, trees and plants you have put in
  • Sewers or Drain overflow
  • Papers and records left on site

General, meandering traffic in a subdivision that is under construction is often accepted by builders as simply being part of the deal. Prospective buyers might want to come in early enough to secure the particular lots they would like to own, or to be able to customize the building plan of their new home.

Not everyone who seems like they are scouting new homes is actually doing so. Sometimes, these folks are actually scouting your building materials. It’s no mystery to you that the materials used for home building can be quite expensive! Thieves know this! That’s why they scout “under construction” settings to see what kind of materials you are using, where they are stored, and when no one will be around. And the moment you’re not looking, GONE! Some thief in the night has backed up a truck and trailer, and cleaned out thousands of dollars of building supplies. Who pays for that?! Well, if you have adequate Builders’ Risk Insurance through Handley Insurance, you won’t have to worry about that for very long!

As an independent Insurance Agency, Handley can peruse through countless resources for your benefit! We want you to get the absolute best Builders’ Risk coverage you can get, at the best possible prices!