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Disability Insurance in Georgia

Disability Insurance is more than just the collection of worker’s compensation, or personal injury benefits. Often called DI, Disability Income Insurance, or Income Protection, Disability Insurance was originally known as “Accident Insurance” in the late 1800s. Whatever you might happen to call it, Handley Insurance knows how to get it for you! And as independent insurance writers, we have allegiance to our clients, and not a parented insurance company. Why would you look anywhere else?

Disability Insurance in Georgia, as in most states, insures the policyholder’s EI (earned income) against the possibility of an accident. It helps create more distance between an accident, whether on the job or not, and a loss in the ability to generate income. Your DI policy can be written to cover things like lost income, physical impairment, psychological disorders from injuries, sickness, or any other condition that can impair the ability of an individual to work. It can be written to control paid sick days, and can generate both short and long term benefits for an affected policyholder.

Like most insurance policies, one would hope that they never actually have to cash in a Disability Insurance Policy. But, as is also the case with most other policies, it’s a great plan to have in place in case something ever DOES happen to you. In the United States alone, a debilitating accident happens about 60 times a minute.

That means every single second, another American is rendered unable to work. That person can no longer support themselves or their family. They could potentially stand in jeopardy to lose their house, their car, their savings, and all their possessions. In the case of small business owners, this would mean that the injured person might very well lose their business. That is, unless that individual had the wisdom and foresight to obtain a Disability Insurance policy from Handley.

Don’t let a debilitating injury ruin the rest of your life. An injury or illness can not only cause suffering while you are actually dealing with the pain, sickness, or impairment of the incident, it can reroute the rest of your life in a very negative way. But you won’t let it overtake you, because you are wise enough to pick up the phone and call the professionals Handley Insurance. Call Handley today!