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Are you a good driver? How about a great driver? Most Americans think they are!

Studies have shown that over 78% of drivers would categorize themselves as at least a “good driver” And an overwhelming 97% of drivers categorize themselves as “better than other drivers” that they share the road with on a daily basis. How does that sound? Believable? Ludacris? Well what if you change the perspective? These numbers mean that means that only 3% of the “other” drivers you share the roads with think that you are a better driver than they are! Now how does that resonate with you?

Chances are, you may not be as avid of a driver as you feel like you are. But guess what? Even the best of drivers have accidents at some point! And sometimes, accidents may legitimately not be either driver’s fault. Did you know the average automobile crash merits over $61,000 in total damage costs? The total cost of the 10+ million accidents in the United States has now reached the $300 Billion mark in annual damage expenses. Those are overwhelming statistics, especially if you are driving without Car Insurance!

Driving a car without insurance can not only prove to be costly from a damage replacement perspective, it can be costly because IT’S ILLEGAL! Drivers in every state of the U.S. are required to have minimum liability coverages, such as a PIP (or Personal Injury Protection).

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In the state of Georgia, if you are caught driving without insurance, your penalties could range anywhere from $25 for a lapse in coverage, all the way up to a $1000 fine, and 90 days suspension of driver’s license. If you have an accident, regardless of fault, and you are uninsured, the penalties could include any of the items already discussed, or more. In extreme cases, you could be jailed an entire year for driving without insurance, in addition to whatever other time you may have to serve for other items. What a nightmare!

The professionals at Handley Insurance are specially trained to handle your GA Auto Insurance Quotes! Every time you work with Handley, you will receive knowledgeable, friendly, fast advice on the best routes to get and keep your car, along with all the precious cargo you may have inside, properly insured. Besides working with professionals who take the time to listen, and really get to know every one of their present and potential policy holders, there are some added benefits to working with an Independent Auto Insurance agent. For instance, your local agent will be well-versed in requirements and benefits of your state, and region. Independent agents also have nearly unlimited channels to search for the very best insurance rates for you. They don’t represent the interests of a single Insurance institution. In fact, they represent you and your interests! You will also have a much better chance of getting your coverage fully tailored to meet your exact needs!

For an amazing Insurance experience, look no further than Handley Insurance! If you want service from a robot, then by all means, check out some faceless, voiceless Auto Insurance Companies. But if you want to work with an Agency that knows you, knows your needs, and is always looking out for your interests, then call Handley Insurance! Our caring, competent people are waiting for you! Handley Insurance, we want to insure you and the things you care about, for life!

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