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Do you own a small business? Great! Do you own a large corporation? Even better! It takes a certain level of great giftedness to start a business from nothing more than an idea and a prayer, and grow it to the place it is now. But, as the old saying goes, to those who are given much, much is required. Handley Insurance Agency can help you make absolutely certain that you are covered for any possible business insurance scenario that could be deemed as being under your jurisdiction.

Owning your own business has long been considered part of the equation for living the American Dream! But without adequate coverage, your dream could quickly become a nightmare! The state of Georgia requires a certain level of insurance for any sized business. Without someone to guide you, Georgia Business Insurance regulations can quickly become confusing! If your business has legal employees, you will probably be required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, disability insurance, and unemployment insurance. If your business has investors, or a primary financial lender, they may require that you have a current life insurance policy on yourself. They may also require you to have fire insurance, flood insurance, and business interruption insurance, among other types of Professional Liability insurances.

See, business insurance is not about shirking responsibility, it’s about minimizing potential financial risks. An employee could slip and fall anywhere on your grounds, or anywhere they are conducting your business. And you could be responsible. If your business partner takes ill, certain business insurances could help protect you from potential losses. What about “Acts of God?” And let’s not fantasize that these kinds of nightmares only happen to big corporations. If you have a small business, then you need small business insurance! If you can visualize it, it could possibly happen, and has probably happened to some other business owner. And maybe it tanked their business. But you won’t be like that. You won’t be unprepared. And that’s because you had foresight. You had wisdom. You picked up the phone and called Handley Insurance. At Handley Insurance Agency, we want to help you protect your business, completely, and affordably. We don’t just want to help you protect your business. W e want to help you protect your business, for life.

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