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Georgia Flood Insurance

Did you know that more than ¼ of the businesses that experience a flood or flood-type disaster never actually reopen? Commercial flood claims average close to $90,000 in damage and restoration costs. Who has that kind of money lying around? Most business owners, even those who own large corporations, could not afford to repair the damage that comes with a flood. But even if they could, what they do about lost wages for their employees? There are Federal and State laws in place to protect employees if their place of business is flooded. Are you prepared? Well you can be! All you need is one call to Handley Insurance!

As independent insurance agents, Handley does not merely represent the interests of one solitary insurance company. We go to great lengths to ensure that your interests are not jeopardized because of poor or inadequate coverage. We tirelessly wade through upwards of 50 different insurance agencies to not only find you the absolute best coverages to cover your Georgia flood insurance needs, we work just as hard to ensure you get maximum coverage, at minimal rates! We won’t let you drown in unnecessarily high flood insurance rates!

The frequency of large storms, all over the United States, has drastically increased over the last 50 years. So whether you subscribe to the theories of Global Warming, or whether you think Al Gore has lost his marbles, land that has previously not been structured to hold giant, frequent amounts of rainfall are asked to try and do so. If and when these land areas fail to channel the rainwater appropriately, flooding occurs. And if your business is in the pathways of this new, overindulged run-off, your business could very literally be up the creek, without a paddle.

Not sure the level of flood potentiality you work in? Here’s a helpful tool. Find the Flood Risk for your Georgia Business at:


This measures not only the current risk of flooding, but the changes in flooding or flood risk activity over the last 100 years! Amazing! And also, very helpful! You can also use the “Cost of Flooding” tool to visualize how much coverage you might need! But bear in mind that you can never have too much flood coverage! Even if your business isn’t considered “high risk,” anything could happen. Hopefully, it won’t. But if it does, thank Heaven you’re covered with Handley!