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Georgia Home Flood Insurance

“Lord Willin’ and the Creek don’t rise!”

While there is much debate over the origins of this quote, there is little argument that when applied to flooding, this statement places overflowing water in the same league as God Almighty in rerouting whatever other plans you made. If you have ever lived through a flood, you know how terrifying and unnerving the experience can be. In just a few short hours, your life, your home, your people, and your property can be in grave danger.

Nothing can replace losing a life, or the life of someone you love. It’s also impossible to replace precious, sentimental items that were given to you by someone who might now be gone. For those of us who are left behind to pick up the pieces of flood damage, and the losses from a flood, you know how long and laborious the process of rebuilding can be. Nothing can prevent you from unexpected flood loss. But your friends at Handley Insurance can help you be prepared if flooding ever happens to your home.

If you have ever had any kind of flood damage in your home, you are fully aware of how quickly the property damage can add up! Untold problems can arise with the foundation, the walls, the baseboards, your hardwood or carpet, your electronics, and anything that had unfortunately been placed on the floor when the rains came. The damage costs can add up just as quickly as the relentless pounding of water did. The average residential flood claim in Georgia is consistently around the $40,000 range. And Georgia is a state that doesn’t experience a high rate of hurricanes, or other traditional settings that cause a place to have high flooding rates.

But the times, they are a-changing. Heavy storm surges are 72% more common than they were 50 years ago. Flash floods are 81% more likely. Water-producing storms are becoming more and more part of our everyday life in the United States, and in Georgia. Not sure the level of flood potentiality you work in? Here’s a helpful tool. Find the Flood Risk for your Georgia Business at:


But it doesn’t even take a long-lasting storm with huge amounts of rainfall to produce damaging, or even deadly flood repercussions. Flash flooding is one of the most unpredictable flooding scenarios, partly because of the quickness of the storm surges, and partly because of the situational settings in which they could occur. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can quickly change the course of your safety. And the same principles apply to your home!

Dams burst. Levees break. Creeks fill up. Embankments crumble. Bridges are overcome. Rivers, oceans, and lakes can all betray us. Don’t be caught in a whirlpool without protection! Your friends at Handley Insurance can help you make sure that you, your family, your home, and your properties are never left without a lifeline. Call us today, and see how true Handley’s service to you can be.