Yellow jet ski on the water

Jet-Ski Insurance Company

What’s more fun than a day out on the lake, or the river, or the ocean, with your personal watercraft of choice! Not much, according to any red-blooded jet ski enthusiast. Some folks call them a PWC. Some refer to them as a water scooter. Some folks just call any kind of personal watercraft a jet ski. But really, a Jet Ski is actually a pwc manufactured by the “Jet Ski Company.”

The US Coast Guard states that any jet driven boat, that is less than 13 feet long, with an inboard engine, pump jet, and screw-shaped impeller could be classified as a PWC. People use them for joyriding, for leisure, for racing, for tricks, or just for an excuse to get away. There are several options in both standing and seated models, as well as one or two-person jet skis.

Regardless of what you call it, how you ride it, or whether you prefer WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, Jet Ski, or other makes and models of PWC, you should NEVER ride one, or let someone else ride yours, without Personal Watercraft Insurance. Let Handley be your WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, or Jet-Ski Insurance Company! They have limitless experience in the ins and outs of watercraft coverage. And they would love to pass that knowledge, along with great coverage at affordable prices, on to you!

Did you know that you could be held liable for any and all injuries or property damage to others in and surrounding your PWC? If you were uninsured, you could not only lose your water vessel, but you could be responsible for untold monetary settlements if you were sued by someone who was injured, or whose property was damaged by your jet-ski related incident. But you don’t have to be! Call Handley Insurance today, and talk to our kind, caring, courteous professionals about Liability coverage, Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage, uninsured boater coverage, underinsured boater coverage, medical payment coverage, on-water towing and repair coverage, or any other coverages that are available in the world of insurance. As independent insurance agents, we are never held to the interests of just one company. Instead, we are always in your corner. Call us today, and see how true this really is.