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Do you own a bar? A tavern? A night club? Do you operate a hotel lounge? What about a restaurant that serves alcohol? If you own or operate any establishment that serves, sells, or aids in the purchasing, distribution, or consumption of liquor, then you absolutely need to have Liquor Liability Insurance. In some places, this is known as Hospitality Insurance. Sometimes it is combined as Hospitality and Liquor Liability Insurance. Regardless of what it’s called in your specific region, having Liquor Liability Insurance can save your business, and your livelihood.

Why Do I Need It?

It seems logical to think that if someone became inebriated at your establishment, or your catered event, and caused damage either on the property or off property, that they themselves would be responsible for their own actions. After all, they chose to keep drinking. But maybe they even scammed your servers into giving them more than your established alcohol limits. Those addicted to alcohol will often do anything they can to squirrel one more drink from you. The serving of alcohol is one of the few businesses in which distributers are made to limit the amount of their product that people are allowed to buy, or ingest. Normally, if someone has the money, and they want to keep indulging, it’s all the better for your bottom line. But that’s not true when it comes to liquor sales.

What Does It Cover?

Liquor Liability insurance, or Hospitality Insurance can be customized to cover a wide variety of alcohol liability scenarios. The professionals at Handley Insurance are well versed in liquor liability laws, and can guide you through a policy that will protect you and your business for life. For instance, if a drunken brawl erupts on your business property, and someone is maimed or badly injured, your policy can be written to cover that. If someone who is inebriated slips out the back door of your bar, gets in their car, and is involved in an accident involving other people, your policy could keep them from coming after your business. But if they do come after your business, your policy could cover lawyer fees, or limit the amount that you would have to pay out of pocket for any kind of settlement. Your policy could even be structured to keep your business afloat while you are dealing with any kind of liquor-related issue.

You go to great lengths to be a responsible business owner. Don’t let the actions of a wayward patron cause irreparable damage to your livelihood. Talk to Handley Insurance Agency about Liquor Liability Insurance today!