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Motorcycle Insurance

You’ve already got your motor running! But before you head out on the highway on your Harley, Honda, or Triumph, make sure you’re protected! And we’re not just talking about wearing your helmet, or enough leather to sustain a fall. We’re talking about motorcycle insurance! Handley Insurance Agency has been insuring motorcycle enthusiasts for years! So call Handley today, and find the best rates for your traditional hog, or if you’re into the new wave of road rockets, like the ones made by Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, MV, or BMW, Handley can help you!

In most cultures, telling a burly stranger you like his fat bottom girl would get you decked! But in motorcycle culture, you’re more likely to get a smile and a nod of appreciation. Motorcycle people are unique. And so is the world of motorcycle insurance. Most riders know very little about insurance coverages, or they might think they don’t have to insure a dirt bike, or moped, or scooter. Insurance does not exist as a penalty, it exists as a protection for you, your beloved bike, and for the people and things you might possibly come in contact with.

The margin for error in motorcycle driving is unfortunately small. But the margin for error in motorbike coverage doesn’t have to be. Why waste your time with the limited options of some robotic, faceless company who doesn’t know you, and never will. Trust the caring, courteous professionals from Handley Insurance Agency. See, Handley is an Independent Insurance Agency. That means that we don’t simply represent the interests of one company, we represent the interests of YOU and your property.

We’re passionate about the things you care about most. We can help you wade through countless options with regards to insurance coverage. We stand on your side, not the side of the insurance company. If you are insured through Handley, you have the guarantee that we will fight for you, not against you. If you have ever endured a claim process with one of the giant companies, without representation, you know how much of a nightmare it can be! Wasn’t your insurance company supposed to protect you? Weren’t you promised peace of mind, adequate coverage, and prompt recovery services? What a joke! But when you choose to trust Handley with your motorcycle insurance, you have an advocate for life. That’s the Handley guarantee. We don’t just want to insure you and your motorcycle, we want to insure you and your motorcycle, for life!