Motorhome crashing into a truck

Motorhome Insurance

If someone is looking to insure their motorhome, they might be afraid of how to approach it. Is a motorhome insured like a house? Is it insured like a car? What if you will be living there for an extended period of time? What if you will be taking it, and your family, across the country, passing many state lines? What if one of your kids is taking a friend? Who is insured?

Well, have no fear! The professionals at Handley Insurance can help you with any of these concerns. We are ready, able, and willing to help you meet all your RV Insurance or Motorhome Insurance needs! And as independent insurance agents, we can find you the best coverage at the absolute lowest possible rates. How great is that?! Almost as great as your big family Motorhome vacation across all 50 states? Possibly! At least it will help you have peace of mind, so that all you have to worry about is keeping the wife and kids entertained with tales of adventure, and songs of classic family car rides!

Most people are not simply going to take their RV to pick up their dry cleaning around their neighborhood. These machines were built for the road. In fact, they were built so you may never have to come off the road! Are you taking the kids to the Grand Canyon? Maybe you’re caravanning the in-laws to Yellowstone! Or maybe you and the Mrs. Are finally taking that long awaited trip to the Finger Lakes. Whatever your destination, make sure you’re covered with Handley!

We’ve got you covered with options in Comprehensive Coverage, Total Loss Replacement, Emergency Expense Coverages, Towing/Roadside Coverage, Campsite/Vacation Liability Coverage, Full-Timer Coverage, or specific coverages for a truck-trailer motorhome situation. Whatever your RV Insurance needs, Handley is there! We don’t just want to handle your Motorhome Insurance, we want to handle all your Insurance needs, for life! From our family to yours, happy trails!