Professional Liability

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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

The most common occupations that we associate Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) with are professions with higher degree requirements, like Doctors, Lawyers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Dentists, and other occupations with a history of high-profile lawsuits. Professional Liability is sometimes called Malpractice Insurance, though true professional liability claims can extend far beyond the realm of mistakes made by a single professional. The “Insurance Speak” for this type of insurance is usually identified as “Errors and Omission,” or E&O.

E&O can cover anything from facility indiscretions, to Malpractice type situations, or anything else that could potentially be cited as negligence by your business. Your PLI policy can often be structured to not include potential allegation settlements, but if you do go to trial, your policy can cover judgments, preparations, reparations, or any other type of defense costs. Paying for these kind of legal protections out of pocket can unfortunately finish off nearly any size of business, regardless of whether or not the lawsuit sullies the reputation of your business. Don’t let your lack of Small Business Insurance stunt the growth of your business! Call Handley today!

Even the most responsible business owners can’t control everything that happens in and around their businesses. If you have ever seen what seems to be a needless, trivial warning on a food item, or displayed inside of a store, the likelihood that it’s not trivial is probably pretty high! If you see one of these warnings, it’s potentially there because someone has been sued over that very issue at some point in the past. And it was likely a very costly lawsuit.

The Professionals at Handley Insurance Agency are well versed in the structuring and coverage options available for Professional Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Errors & Omissions. They want to help you protect your business, your livelihood, and yourself! Call any of our courteous, highly-qualified agents today, and see how working with an Independent Insurance Agency can give you the best coverage possible, at the best rates possible. At Handley Insurance, we don’t simply want to help insure your business, we want to help insure your business, for life!