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What is a manufactured home? Is it the same as a mobile home? What about a modular home? How would I know what kind of Insurance Policy to procure? Well, first things first, if you aren’t sure what kind of Policy you need to be looking at for your specific home type, don’t rack your brain about it! Call the professionals at Handley Insurance! They eagerly await your call. They can guide you through not only the process of figuring out what category your home resides in, but as Independent Insurance agents, they can search through 50 or more companies to find the best combination of coverages that you need, at the lowest rates possible!

According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, a manufactured home is the current name for what most of us have called a mobile home for years. So according to government standards, a manufactured home=a mobile home.

A modular home is actually required by HUD to be built on a permanent chassis. That means that it would fall under the jurisdiction of a traditional home, despite the fact that many modular homes contain panelized walls, sliding doors, and many other things that mobile homes often contain. So a modular home would almost always be insured under traditional home status. Manufactured homes and mobile homes would be in the same category as each other.

Regardless of what category, or classification, that your home falls into, you need to have it insured! Your home is often the most important financial investment you will make in your entire life. Protect it! Protect your investment! Often, people who are looking for Mobile Home insurance are really searching for Renters Insurance. Is that you? Your friends at Handley can help you with any and all insurance scenarios you might exist in. So don’t worry about your category, or categories that you need insurance in. We’ll worry about that jargon. Just call Handley, and never worry about insurance again!

Manufactured homes that are at least 320 square feet, and are used for dwelling purposes, are required to have some form of Insurance in the state of Georgia. Fire, explosions, and violent storms can all be more damaging to mobile homes than traditional homes. Don’t jeopardize your home, your family, and your future because of poor manufactured home insurance. Call Handley Insurance today, and protect yourself, your family, and your investment. At Handley, we don’t just want to insure your mobile or manufactured home, we want to insure your home, your life, your treasure, and you, for life!