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Do you own or operate an apartment complex? Are you in charge of a condominium complex that is a mixture of time-share and rented properties? Do you own a house that you are not living in, but are renting to someone? Do you own a home, but are looking to rent out the basement or another room? If any of this sounds like your situation, you may find that there are some insurance scenarios that fall outside the normal spectrums of personal, home, or business insurances. You very likely might need Rental Property Insurance. While many of the coverage items will fall under primary categories like Dwell & Fire, you don’t worry about having to know exactly what kind of insurance you need. Handley Insurance Agency is here to help!

Some Rental Properties Insurance is designed to protect the property owner from accidental mishaps at their rental property. Some of these insurances are meant to protect an owner from a delinquent, harmful, or negligible tenant who doesn’t pay their rent or might do or not do things that have brought harm to the property. Rental Property Insurance is flexible, and can have many different facets. You can even have insurance that covers you for lost rental income while your property is being repaired!

If you are not a property owner, but rather, you are renting a property from someone and would like to know how to insure your interests, call Handley Insurance Agency today! We can help with any kind of Renters Insurance Quotes, or any insurance questions you might have!

You obviously know more about the day to day activities of renting your property than anyone else. You have made that an area of expertise for yourself. In that same respect, the professional, courteous, caring agents of Handley Insurance have gone to great lengths to familiarize themselves with any past, present, pending, and future Rental Property Insurance laws, codes, and functions. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion! Because we are an Independent Insurance writing Agency, we also know the ins and outs of what all sorts of various companies offer for Rental Property Insurance. That means that we can find you the most ideal coverage, at the most ideal rates! Great rates, great coverage, friendly people! It’s who we are. It’s what we do. And we do it all for you! Call Handley today, and find out how true that really is!