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Traveling Insurance

When you work with an Insurance Agency that only represents one particular Company, you may find that they offer very little in the realm of coverage and price flexibility for insuring your Travel Trailers. This is not the case with Handley Insurance. We are an independent agency, which means if one particular company doesn’t have the best coverage fit for you, we can keep plugging away until we find whatever combination of coverages fits your needs, at whatever price best fits your wallet! It’s the Handley guarantee!

Many folks make the mistake of believing their homeowner’s policy is the best way to insure their personal property, even when they aren’t at home. While homeowner’s policies can be modified to cover many domestic situations, as well as those abroad, the deductibles are likely much higher than if you had specified policies. And the coverages therein are often too limited to really give you adequate coverage. Auto policies usually don’t include the kind of coverage you would need in an accident or incident involving your travel trailers. If pulling trailers is something that is heavily a part of your work or play payloads, then let Handley deliver the best and most affordable policy to you!

  • Flatbeds
  • Goosenecks
  • Auto haulers
  • Bottom-based dumpers
  • Transfer boxes
  • Body-based dumpers
  • Utility trailers
  • Concession trailers
  • Horse & Livestock trailers
  • Log haulers
  • Lowboys

Whether you use any of these travel trailers, or anything else in that category, Handley Insurance can guarantee the best coverage at the lowest rates. Call us today, and haul in peace!