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Very few things are more disheartening to a water enthusiast then seeing their speed boat, or jet-ski, or pontoon boat, or bass boat, or any other fishing or water recreation vessel, stuck in the garage. But Dry-Rotting on your boat? Come on! It's not only unsightly, it is a testament that someone either did not have the amount of time they expected on the water, or that they didn’t have current Watercraft Insurance Coverage, and were required by law to park it. Failure to "sail your vessel" for any reason (legal or otherwise) is disheartening. Vessel-Sailing enthusiasts would cringe. Garth Brooks would be crushed!

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re having a nice, relaxing day on the water is whether or not you’re protected from potential risks. We’re not just talking about sharks, snakes, or gators. We’re talking about accidents that involve your boat, and how you might be held liable for any damages incurred. Why risk losing your watercraft, or even worse, your home and savings, because of inadequate watercraft insurance?

Watercraft Insurance Coverage

There are so many options and combinations regarding watercraft insurance, that navigating these items by yourself would even be a chore for Copernicus! Luckily for you, and for all the other self-proclaimed naval-aviators out there, the courteous, knowledgeable professionals at the Handley Insurance Agency are experinced in everything regarding Watercraft Insurance Coverage. And they are ready, willing, and able to pass that expertise on to you! Protect your investment. Protect your livelihood. Protect those you love. Protect those you entertain. Let Handley Insurance assuage all your fears. After all, shouldn’t we be more afraid of things under the surface of the water than the things we aren’t adequately insured for on top? Call Handley today, get your vessel insured, and get that boat back out on the water!

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