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Do you own a small business? Great! Do you own a large corporation? Even better! It takes an amazing level of giftedness to start a business from nothing more than an idea and a prayer. Handley Insurance Agency can help make certain that you are covered for any possible business insurance scenario.

Handley Insurance Agency


Handley can navigate through countless insurance options to find the most complete, affordable auto coverage on the market, tailored just for you.

Handley Insurance Agency


Your home is your castle! You would do anything to protect your house and your family. If you need homeowners insurance, Handley is here to help!


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Our professionals at Handley Insurance are specially trained to handle your GA Auto Insurance Quotes! Every time you work with our people, you will receive knowledgeable, friendly, fast advice on the best routes to get and keep your car, along with all the precious cargo you may have inside, properly insured. Besides working with professionals who take the time to listen, and really get to know every one of their present and potential policy holders, there are many benefits to working with an Independent Auto Insurance agent.

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Commercial Car Insurance Quotes can be tricky to navigate. But Handley Insurance is here to help. We can help you with all your Commercial Auto Insurance Quote needs, even if that need is deciding whether or not you need Commercial Auto Insurance! Accidents can happen when your day to day business involves a lot of moving parts. What could have more moving parts than a car dealership?! Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be unnerving to own and operate your Car Dealership!

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Your home is quite possibly the biggest investment you have made to this point in your life. And it may very well be the biggest monetary investment you ever make! Don’t jeopardize what you’ve worked so hard for! Protect your home, your family, and your treasures! The courteous, professional agents at Handley Insurance Agency can show you how! Without proper home insurance, you may never recover from the physical losses you incurred with some other home insurance policy.

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Very few things are more disheartening to a water enthusiast then seeing their speed boat, or jet-ski, or pontoon boat, or bass boat, or any other fishing or water recreation vessel, stuck in the garage. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re having a nice, relaxing day on the water is whether or not you’re protected from potential risks. And we’re not just talking about sharks, snakes, or gators. We’re talking about accidents that involve your boat, and how you might be held liable for any damages incurred.

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So, you’re thinking about getting life insurance. Smart move. Smart move for yourself, and smart move for your family. There are two primary branches of life insurance; term life and whole, or permanent life. Handley Insurance Agency is experienced in every facet of term life insurance, and whole life insurance. If you know you need Life Insurance, but are unsure about what kind, or what different combinations are available, look no further than Handley Insurance! Call us today, and protect your future!

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Owning your own business has long been considered part of the equation for living the American Dream! But without adequate coverage, your dream could quickly become a nightmare! The state of Georgia requires a certain level of insurance for any sized business. Without someone to guide you, Georgia Business Insurance regulations can quickly become confusing! At Handley Insurance Agency, we want to help you protect your business, completely, and affordably. We want to help you protect your business, for life.

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What our clients say

Handley Insurance Agency

Rodney Elrod

Handley saved my business, and maybe my life! They even tracked down my old insurance company to make them pay for former claims! I don't know where I would be without Handley!

Handley Insurance Agency

Tammy Lee

I was unaware of GA law changes. Handley called me with the information that I could save $$$, and get better coverage, even though it would cost them money. How amazing is that?

Handley Insurance Agency

J Scherer

False information was showing up on my reports which caused my rates to fluctuate with other carriers. When the issue came up with Handley, Teresa went to battle for me and fixed an issue I had struggled with for 3 years!

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